Salman Rushdie and the Sea of Stories

Civilized People Disagreeing With Rushdie's Portrayal of Islam.

Another day, another mixed bag of death threats and honors for Salman Rushdie. Sorry--Sir Salman Rushdie. Knighted by the Queen of England for, presumably, his expansive tomes based not-so-loosely off The Arabian Nights, Rushdie had not even exited the building when riots broke out in Pakistan. The lower house of the Pakistani government, pushed to arbitrary action by protests in the street, shot off a condemnation that passed unanimously through their ranks.

For those unfamiliar with the scandal and gossip, Rushdie penned The Satanic Verses with a section that explores the life of the Messenger Mohammed. Based on the original "Satanic Verses," but with a couple details added, Rushdie posits that Mohammed originally called for polytheism to become popular and that his scribe changed part of The Qur'an because he wasn't sure if the Messenger was correct. This in a culture that refuses to create any sort of artistic imagery, however lovingly rendered, of the Prophet or God because the art of mortal hands is lowly to the sacredness God. A man who breaks this age-old tradition of worship to, of all things, profane the name of the Prophet could certainly be seen as quite the sensation.

I guarantee a stoner somewhere is perking an eyebrow between thoughts of how totally connected everything is, and is now telling his friends that he is psychic. "Like, a really long time ago," he opines, "I totally saw this happening on TV or something, but it was like in my head and I like saw the future, dude. I'm telling you, man, it's all the same and it's like totally in my head!" That stoner is only partially wrong. It wasn't in his head and he didn't see the future, but he is witnessing the past all over again. In 1989 riots broke out in Islamabad over Rushdie's The Satanic Verses, and Ayatollah Komeini called for Rushdie's assassination.

That same stoner also has a point. It is interconnected. The Arabian Nights, The Qur'an, and the "Satanic Verses" are very old documents with very long histories of influence. As a member of a huge number of modern and post-modern writers who dug through the collective past of their people to bring rebirth to texts long out of common reading, Rushdie did to these books what Joyce, Bulgakov, and Derrida did to Homer, Jesus, and Plato. But it wasn't just about that, was it? Was there something else they had in mind? Oh, right! The hermeneutic legacy of books themselves! These texts are constantly being reinterpreted, retranslated, reconsidered, and reworked. They are the bedrock of creativity and as such they have no choice but to breathe through change. The intentional choice to reinscribe one of these relics is supposed to draw attention to the unintentional reinterpretation that happens in the heads of avid believers all the time. The conception that we have of Jesus isn't the same as the one carried in the Middle Ages. For that matter, neither is our conception of Plato. And it shouldn't be. The more we learn about the context and the language, and the more we think about these books, the more we contemplate our own situations, expressions, and very existence. In other words, the more we critically analyze these great tomes, the more creative we become ourselves.

Islam never quite learned to deal with post-modernism the way the so-called "Western Tradition" did. The people are furious, and they shout, and they try to put Rushdie to death, and they generally make quite the spectacle of themselves. The United States found a better way to kill their creative authors. Ignore them.


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Anonymous said...

For all the Rushdie Fans and lovers of so called freedom of speech. Here are some excerpts from Rushdie's Book - "Proper London Bhai. Here we come. Those Bastards down there wont know what hit them". He is telling that all Londoners are Bastards irrespective whether they are white, asian or any other. Further in his book he vomits, "The motherfucking Americans, yaar, the sisterfucking British_". Implying that all Americans fuck the same cunt they are born off and all Britishers cherish incest with their sister as a full time hobby. I am not saying all this. This is all written by your beloved son in law Salman Rushdie. Afterall he did mary the daughter of Britain.

This is what he has to say about the Indian officials who were trying to free the hostages of a hijacked airliner - "Hijras! Chootias! Shits!". I will tell you what "Hijras! Chootias" means because your fellow Rushdie fans will not tell this to you. "Hijra" is a derogatory hindi word which means a shemale or any other person with sexual deformity of mixed traits if men and women, leading a lowly life. Chootia is another derogatory hindi word for "a person who behaves like a cunt".

As for the queen of Britain, this is what Rushdie writes. "chamcha.....he found himself dreaming of the Queen, of making tender love to the Monarch. She was the body of Britain, the avatar of the State, and he had chosen her, joined with her; she was his Beloved, the moon of his delight.". Chamcha refers to the character of Rushdiie himself. Amazing, he writes about conjoining with the Queen and the Queen awards him with Knighthood. Amazing!!!

Not to forget his passion for White Women. In his arduous love for them he writes "white women -- never mind fat, Jewish, deferential white women -- were for fucking and throwing over.". This is the kind of filth he is programming the west with. A direct result of which was witnessed in the trial of five black men who were sentenced for gang raping a white woman in central park New York. They claimed that they were led into believing that their actions were justified because they had heard the then wife of Rushdie reading the lines "white women -- never mind fat, Jewish, deferential white women -- were for fucking and throwing over." in public in New York to an audience that cherished every word of devil's harp.

Rushdie hates everyone and he has spared no one. Of Margaret Thatcher he writes "Torture. Maggie the Bitch". Rushdie fans would say it is a complement. I don't know since when did obscene comments become a compliment. If such is the case then all male supporters of Rushdie should replace their titles of "Sir" and "Mr. with "Bastard" and every woman who supports him should be addressed as a bitch, as a sincere compliment ofcourse. But please do go and try to call Mark Thatcher or Carol Thatcher as "Son of a bitch or "daughter of a bitch". They will certainly reward you with a black eye for this honour. As we all know that this word "bitch" this devil is using to address women is referring to the behaviour a bitch in season.

As for the African brothers he writes. "Nigger Eat White Man Shit". All this under the pretext of freedom of speech.

I love my county India and I praise Sri Ragiv Gandhi for rightfully banning this book in India. Shaitan Rushdie has not even spared his brotheren from his homeland. He didnt spare any chance to revile Sri Ram and his chaste wife Sita whom our Hindu brothers woship. And he depicts Rawan as a legitimate hero. He does not leave anyone.

If Such is the freedom of speech then no supporter of Rushdie should get offended if anyone calls their mother and sister a whore, a bitch, a harlot, bastard or a chootia.

God says in Al-Quran, Surah Al-Nur Chapter 24 verse 4: "And those who accuse honourable women but bring not four witnesses, scourge them (with) eighty lashes and never (afterward) accept their testimony - They indeed are evil-doers - ".

God Further says in Surah Al-Hujraat Chapter 49 verse 11: "O ye who believe! Let not some men among you laugh at others: It may be that the (latter) are better than the (former): Nor let some women laugh at others: It may be that the (latter are better than the (former): Nor defame nor be sarcastic to each other, nor call each other by (offensive) nicknames: Ill-seeming is a name connoting wickedness, (to be used of one) after he has believed: And those who do not desist are (indeed) doing wrong. "

O you supporters of Rushdie. Shame on you. You have turned you daughters, mothers and wives a toy in the hands of thsi devil Rushdie. We Muslims, we honour and cherish our women. Even if Rushdie had not spoken Ill about the prophets. His aggression aginst women is sufficient for him to be cursed by the entire Muslim Nation. They call protecting the chastity and honour of women as evil and satanic while they regard Rushdie as a hero. It is amazing how the west has chosen immorality in place of chastity and filth in place of honour. Such depraved behavior may be acceptable to the gang of bitches, whores, bastards and harlots (all titles are being made out of respect) that Rushdie hangs with. But we Muslims will never accept such filth, immorality and blashphemy.

Cursed be Rushdie and shame to all the illeterates he has bewitched with his bitching.